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SuperWriter, Inc.
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Gary Greenberg
     SuperWriter, Inc., is owned and operated by  award-winning newspaper reporter and columnist Gary Greenberg. He graduated Penn State University as a journalism major in 1976 and has earned a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Florida International University.
     Gary has been writing professionally for more than 35 years, much of it as a journalist. Among other jobs, he spent 13 years as a writer and editor for the supermarket tabloids National Enquirer, Globe,
Kangaroo KId
National Examiner, Star and the late, great Weekly World News, where his son Glen once appeared as the Kangaroo Kid.
   SuperWriter, Inc., is a freelance writing and editing service based in balmy Boca Raton, Fla. Although SuperWriter, Inc. is open for business, its website is still under construction. But you can read samples of Gary's work in the Reading Room of his Cosmic Cafe. Just hop on the flying saucer below, and it will whisk you over there.

Flying saucer

To contact Gary, use the email box.